Ark Encounter

Genesis 6-7: A couple of years ago Cindy Sampson and I went to the Ark Encounter. The massiveness of the ark is just overwhelming. It was built to the same dimensions as the original ark. There were many things that stood out to me as we walked through the ark. One major one was that Noah built the ark to the exact standards that God gave. Even the shape of the ark was important. One of the displays in the Ark Encounter showed how disastrous it would have been had Noah built it in a different shape. When it was riding the waves it would have broken apart and all would have been lost. God knew ahead of time the right materials and shape that would be needed for it to ride the waves.

Another thing that stood out was that there was not two of every living creature. Noah was to get 2 of each type. So many of the varieties in specific breeds came later. I had always wondered how so many varieties could have made it.

Can you imagine the water and ventilation system needed to house so many animals and a family for half of a year? The Ark Encounter showed the probable ventilation system that would have been needed as well as possibilities for how they could have fresh water as well as wash out waste.

The last thing I will mention is the door. We stood in front of it and were dwarfed by the size. My thoughts were how would anyone lift it and seal it? But GOD!!! God shut them up in the ark and He sealed it for their safety. They were closed in by the Maker for the purpose of salvation. Wow! I am so grateful.

I can’t imagine how the family on the ark must have felt as they experienced 40 days of rain and then 150 days afloat. Right at half of a year spent in the unknown. Many of you reading this may feel like you have been in your own flood. Finances overwhelming you, children disappointing you, spouses hard to live with, unrealistic expectations by bosses or even family members. It can all break on you like a flood. Rest in the Father during your flood as well. Ask Him how to prepare. Do whatever He tells you. The allow Him to shut the door and provide.