Genesis 10-11: Have you ever tried to trace your family line? Our family has traced its roots back to before the Revolutionary War. I always find the work that my family members have done so interesting. When I look at today’s scripture it reminds me that we can all trace our roots back to one family. Adam and Eve started all family lines, but when the flood came everyone was wiped out but one family. Noah’s family was spread out over what we now call the Middle East. I read with interest where each of the children settled. These are the people who still live in many of these areas.
The people of the Middle East struggle to get along now, but in days of old they got along so well that they frustrated God by trying to build a tower to reach Him. It is so innate in man to try to “be like God” and yet we are made in His image and have been given so many gifts. Why do we ever think we could be who and what He is?
The tower they were building was never completed because God caused them to speak different languages. To this day if you go to that part of the world they still speak different languages in just a few Kilometers.
I ask a personal favor as I close because our kids will be leaving early next week to go to the Middle East to study the language that is spoken most there. Just as the languages were changed, their love for the one true God was changed too and most of them do not know Jesus as the One and Only Son of God. God has called our kids to go and study deeper into the language and to be able to communicate with the people of that area the love of Jesus and His saving power. Please pray for them as they go. Please pray for me as the tears flow even as I write this. I have perfect peace that this is God’s plan, but my momma heart is reeling. It is hard having them so far away. The best thing is that they are just a prayer away for the Father to bind them up and bless them. This truly gives me peace. Thank you ahead of time for your prayers