Deception Comes at a High Price

Genesis 30-33: I was pondering this morning how disobedience to God was not new with Jacob and Esau and their families, but they seemed to kick the deception game to another level. It was so rampant throughout their stories. They are not small lied either. They are life altering lies that they knew they would have to answer for. In my simple mind I would think that they would go back and redo to make the situation right.

For example when Esau came in and revealed that Isaac can been deceived in giving the blessing, it just seems like they would redo and take it back from Jacob and give it to Esau and punish Jacob’s deception. The same with Laban and his deception over his daughters. What has been passed down by each generation has been magnified by the next.

Today even the deception of leaving without telling Laban. Did Jacob and family not think he would be hacked when he found out? He did and he was. God’s word to Laban is the only thing that kept the peace.

Deception carries such a heavy toll. It splits up families. It causes much heart ache and grief. It steals, kills and destroys. Sounds like the devil’s calling card for sure.

Sure it can be hard to tell the truth sometimes, but the end result of a lie is much more devastating. It may take you longer to acquire what you desire, but if you are to have whatever you desire, it will come and you won’t have to lie. You also won’t have to pay the price when it is revealed that you lie. Your reputation is worth much more than anything you might desire.

The best way to say it is probably “Truth always prevails.” That is a great reminder to all of us. Stay far away from the enemy’s plan. It always costs way too much and takes you to places you have no desire to go.