God Declared Himself

Exodus 14-18: As I read the scripture today what jumped out at me was that God was introducing Himself not just to Egypt, but to His own people. To Egypt we know He was reminding them that He was God alone and He had overpowered any gods they held on to. Eventually defeating Pharaoh himself.

But to Israel this bunch of Hebrew people who had their identity in being slaves He was reminding them who He was and who they were as a result. He told them, He was God and He would fight for them. All they had to do was stand still and watch Him. As He parted the Red Sea and kept the Egyptian army at bay He was declaring His power to take care of them! The Hebrew nation walked through on dry ground while the Egyptians sank to their demise.

He declared He would be their Healer if only they would obey. He would not put on them any of the plagues that they had seen in Egypt.

He declared Himself their Banner as they faced yet another enemy in Amalek. As long as Moses held his arms up the Hebrew nation would win. When he put his arms down they would struggle in battle and lose. Aaron and Hur held his arms up and eventually the enemy was defeated. God declared Himself their Banner and He gave them victory.

All of these names describe the character of who God is. It is in His DNA and that hasn’t changed. To those who call on His Name He is our defender, provider, healer, banner and so much more. Just as God was presenting Himself to this nation of people, He longs to present Himself to you and me as well and to remind us that He is the Great I Am. He is everything we need!

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