God’s Most Likely To Succeed

Exodus 1-4: Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “Well I would have never thought they would be a leader.” Maybe it was someone in your graduating class that just did not seem to be the most likely to succeed and yet God chose them to rise to the occasion. I wonder if people did not feel this way about Moses.

He was a boy Israelite baby born in a day when the Pharaoh was trying to kill all males his age. Yet he was saved and rescued by the daughter of Pharaoh. He was raised until he was 40 in Pharaoh’s palace and educated as an Egyptian. At 40 he killed and Egyptian who was beating an Israelite. He thought no-one saw what had happened. He fled to Midian to get away from punishment. He stayed in Midian for 40 years. At the age of 80 he was called by God to lead Israel back to the Promised land.

You just read that correctly. He was 80 before he was ready to step into the leadership role God had for him. Even then he had all kind of reasons why he could not lead. And yet God chose him with all of his imperfections.

How about you? Have you been telling God all of the reasons you can’t or won’t lead? Has your age, your history, or even your ability been reasons you gave?

Maybe the reason God put Moses’ story in the Bible is to remind us that God can and will use anyone He chooses. He is the one who says who is qualified. He is the one who allows us to go through hard times to prepare us for the trek ahead. He alone knows what we truly are capable of.

No matter whether you were chosen The Most Likely to Succeed by your classmates or not, when God says you are His man or woman for a specific job, listen and obey! It may take a burning bush to convince you, but God knows the best plans for you!

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