“I Have a Word For You”

Job 36:1-15: Have you ever heard someone say, “God has given me a word.” Many times they are saying it to you personally as though it is a word for you specifically. Sometimes it is to a group or congregation. When that happens your mind should trigger an alert button. Not everyone who says they have a word from God has actually heard from Him. At times they have another agenda.

In Job his friend had the same claim.
Job 36:2 “Bear with me a little, and I will show you,
for I have yet something to say on God’s behalf.”

We are almost to the end of the book of Job and we are about to hear what God thinks about his friend’s words. God was not speaking through them and though at times they might have gotten somethings right, they got a lot of things wrong.

One of the things this friend gets wrong is that bad things only happen to those who are sinning or doing evil. Not true! Bad things come to all of us. Sometimes it is to try us and strengthen our walk with the Lord. Sometimes it is to be a witness to others and for their salvation. (check out Mary, Martha and Lazarus). Sometimes it is the enemy tempting us to see if we are willing to turn away from God and His path. And yes sometimes it is because we have been sinful and we are reaping the consequences.

This friend was wrong because Job was a righteous man. the Bible tells us that. Here is a word of warning and encouragement. If someone says they have a word from God, test it. First pray and ask God to reveal to you anything that is not from Him. Test it by the scriptures. Test it through trusted godly people if you have questions.

Remember you are God’s child and if He has a word for you He can tell you in prayer and it can be confirmed to you in other ways. God is not trying to hide His will. He wants you to come to Him with an open heart seeking His will.