Releasing The Old To Receive The New

Genesis 44-46: “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.” That saying may be true, but if the old dog is hungry enough he can and will learn. That was true for Jacob as his sons returned to tell him the good news that his son Joseph was alive and wanted him to come to Egypt to live. The famine was severe in his homeland and in order to survive he would need to move. The information of his son being alive and the summons to come to Egypt was almost too much to take in. Jacob could not believe it until he looked outside and saw the wagons prepared to take he and all of his family. Even then, it was God to reassured him that it was okay to move.

Can’t. you just see Jacob and his clan moving. I wonder if it was like the Beverly Hillbillies with rocking chair and granny sitting on top. Can’t you just imagine the reunion as Joseph’s head fell on his Father’s neck as he wept a long time. Wonder what their conversations were. How many times do you think either or both said, “I just can’t believe you are here!”

Once again we see God’s hand directing and guiding through difficult waters. God had a plan but the men had to be willing to leave their familiar to receive what God had in store.

How about you? Is God doing something in your life that is going to take releasing what you have or where you are today in order to embrace the new thing He has for you? It can be scary or even intimidating. Even as Jacob stood before Pharaoh don’t you know he had some anxieties? You too may have anxious thoughts as you face your new surroundings, but take heart, the best really may be yet to come. Trust God and walk through the doors He opens.