Seeing God’s Provision Through The Storm

Genesis 8-9: It is very easy when studying about Noah and the ark to focus on the humans in the story, but chapter 8 begins reminding us that God did not just have concern for Noah and the family but also for the animals.

Genesis 8:1But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the livestock that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided.

God could have just built a small boat and saved Noah and his family, but He didn’t. God had a divine plan for all living creatures. Even how the animals found their way to the ark was a God thing. I think about my horses and trying to get them to go into an enclosed place. It is second to impossible if they don’t want to go and yet every one of the animal pairs not only got on the boat, but they had to be in cages. Some probably even shared cages with other animals.

As we see that the length of their stay was almost a year I cannot imagine how Noah and his family kept the peace. Some of you reading this have had children home for the Christmas holidays and you know how hard keeping the peace has been with them. lol. A year of shared quarters with each animal pair and yet all of them survived. That had to have been a divine miracle!

It is easy to understand why Noah had a worship service when he disembarked the Ark. I am sure He praised God for bringing them through but also for the many ways he had see God’s hand at work over that almost a year.

How about you? Are you so overwhelmed by the flood going on around you that you have missed some of the divine miracles? Even if you are wading through your own flood, don’t forget to look around you and see how God is providing, sustaining, bringing others to encourage and help you and most of all praise Him for His presence that has gone with you. We all have something to praise God for!