Such Sadness

Genesis 34-37: I have had so many thoughts about this passage. Not all that I am ready or even able to share. My heart hurts for Dinah. Sexual abuse is nothing new. It has marked history from early days. It always takes a toll not just on the one offended, but on their family and friends sometimes even for generations to come. One may be violated, but it affects many.

Again deceit causes chaos for this family as the brothers take their revenge on not just the man that raped their sister, but on every man, woman and child in the village. They had persuaded the men to be circumcised leaving them weak and unable to protect their village. Two of Jacob’s sons took revenge and killed all of the men. Some of the other sons came to the village and took all of the possessions and families. This caused Jacob’s family to be feared, but not for the right reasons. Such sadness brought by a sexual sin that grew into something that took lives.

I am not trying to be politically correct or even join a movement. The scripture makes it very clear that sin hurts so many.

If you have been sexually abused please know my heart breaks for you. It was not right. No one deserves to be hurt in this way. Don’t allow what Satan meant for evil to hold you in prison for the rest of your life.

Dinah’s brothers took revenge and it affected them and their families the rest of their lives. I wonder how Dinah felt. Did she see the faces of wives and children her brothers had taken and feel guilt? Revenge may see sweet at first, but it can also be a poison that is long lasting. Allow God to exact His revenge. Release your anger to Him and allow Him to heal you.

There are no easy answers to feeling whole again. Letting go of bitterness and anger are a huge first step. Then allow God to heal your broken heart.