We Were Made to Worship

Exodus 25-28: We were made to worship. God put it in our very DNA. He wanted us to give honor and glory to Him. Israel had just come from captivity in a culture that understood worship. They had many gods and their leader, Pharaoh, himself was a god to them. They had learned from the culture around them to pay honor, glory and respect to these gods and idols. Therefore when God said to worship Him alone He followed it with giving them the exact dimensions to build a place for them to meet with Him and worship.

He even provided the materials to build the tent of meeting when the Egyptians gave the people gold, silver, jewelry and gem stones. The had been slaves so these beautiful things would have never been a part of their lives before. God had the Egyptians give them the items because God was preparing them to get to give.

25:1″The Lord said to Moses, 2″Speak to the people of Israel, that they take for me a contribution. From every man whose heart moves him you shall receive the contribution for me. ”

God had given the materials to them to give through them as an act of worship to Him. In the New Testament we are reminded “Where your treasure is so is your heart also.” Those who gave were showing their worship, love and appreciation to God.

So how does this apply to us? God has given to us as well in order to give through us. He gives us jobs to be able to make money and from those proceeds He has asked for a tithe. 10% is asked to be given not in a begrudging way, but with a cheerful heart. Just as with Israel, it was an act of worship to their God. They had been made to worship and giving was a part of that worship. So are we. As we give our money to the church, our place of worship we aren’t giving it to the brick and mortar or even to the pastor or priest. We are giving it to the Lord and with it we are giving our hearts in praise and thanksgiving for all God has done for us.

God’s plan from the beginning was for Israel to come away from slavery to worship God. He longs for the same for us. He longs for us to come away from the slavery of sin and self worship to realize He alone is God and we need Him more than we need our money. He is our provider, protector, redeemer, Savior and friend. May we prepare our gifts for him as we worship him today.

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