Party With Purpose

These are some fun party ideas that have been used in the past that you may find useful.  The parties are designed around the purpose of leading people to a personal relationship with God.


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One thought on “Party With Purpose

  1. Hi Page,
    I work with a home party company called Trades of Hope. We market beautiful handmade products made by artisans in 16 countries, including America. They are mostly women who live in dire circumstances, but now, they are able to feed, clothe and educate their children because they are able to sell their products through the groups we work with using fair trade principles. YAY!
    I am writing you because I just had a hostess ask if you were involved with our company because I called her party, a “Party with a Purpose”. You sound like a wonderful lady who I would love to hear speak someday. Thank you for sharing about our Lord and Savior through hospitality. I love that!