Dip Party

Dip Party

Whether you are diving into a pool or just fun foods you will enjoy this summer time treat.  Invite guests to come swimming.  You don’t have to own a big pool.  You could even have a small children’s pool and dip your feet as you soak in the sun.  Ask each guest to bring their favorite dip and what they like to dip into it.  Some suggestions could be spinach dip and Hawaiian bread, Carrots and ranch dip, chips and salsa or cheese dip.  You can go to the sweet side by doing a caramel dip with apples or a cream cheese dip with chocolate chips and dip graham cracker sticks.  If you have a chocolate fountain or a fondue pot you could provide the chocolate and ask guests to provide items to dip into the chocolate like fresh berries, marshmallows, graham crackers, gummie bears, or almost any cookie.

For decorations why not go with beach towels, pool toys, and bright vibrant colors.  Have some fun beach music to set the tone.

After a while in the sun you may want to move in doors and watch a fun movie.  Evan Almighty is a good clean newer movie that is about a man that God asked to dip into faith.  Your guests will laugh a lot, but you will also have an opportunity to talk about a real Bible character who had to choose to believe God over what the world was saying.  In the end it saved both Noah and his family as they dipped (submerged themselves) into faith with God.

A fun take home favor may be a recipe of your favorite dip or even a prepackaged bag of the ingredients to be mixed at their convenience.  Include the recipe and a kind word thanking them for coming.

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