Spuds With Your Buds

This is an easy fun summer party that can be done for any age group.

Spuds with your Buds

We baked enough potatoes for our guests then provided fun fixings for the potatoes. You can have your guests bring a fixing for the potato bar and it will give them a reason to come. Some of our fixings were

  • Butter
  • Sour Cream
  • Grilled chicken
  • Pulled pork and barbecue sauce
  • Bacon Bits
  • Cheese

You get the idea. Just pull together what sounds good to you.

You can ask each of your friends to bring a friend so that you have new faces and new relationships to build. If you are doing this at your church it is a great outreach opportunity.

You could play a “Tater” game. Draw an arrow on a potato. Spin the “Tater” and if the arrow lands on you, you have to share one fun fact about yourself.

Another “Tater” game could be what kind of “Tater” are you?

  • Spectater
  • Originater
  • Procrastinater
  • Dictater

You get the idea. Come up with other words for your game that might fit your guests.

With these party games you will find out lots about your new friends and maybe a few things about your older ones as well.

If the time is right, share about your Best “Bud” Jesus Christ. Just tell them why He is so special to you. This could open up great conversations about how Jesus has been a good friend to others as well.

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