Seeking a Bride

Genesis 24-26: Hallmark movies could not hold a candle to the story of Isaac and Rebecca. The intrigue of going back to his father’s homeland and the servant taking the message, the servant’s plea to God for direction and God’s immediate answer, even the willingness of the young woman to leave all to follow, all are the details script writer long for. The ending scene of the young man in the field when the camel caravan returns to bring him his bride and his immediate love for her should be tagged The End. Well maybe not the happily ever after variety because life did go on and there were some bumps along the way, but there is still the sweetness of the love story.

I love how Cindy Sampson wrote it today from the research she had done this morning she said, it is like the love story God has with us. We as believers are the servants who bring the message of the Father that he is in search of a bride. He has given us all kinds of blessings to share, but the ultimate decision is up to us. We must leave all to follow after Him. The Son is waiting for us to “come home”.

What a great analogy to the Father’s great love for us and His longing for us to be His. Our reminder is that we as the servant must go and tell. Abraham had his servant put his hand under Abraham’s thigh and promise to carry out his plan. God has commanded us to go, tell, and make disciples. It really is that simple, we are only the messenger. We can’t save anyone ourselves. The work has already been done. Our job is to go to the country far and near and tell those around us that the Groom waits for them. What a great responsibility and privilege.

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