Hanging On By A Thread

Job 37-40:5, Ps.19: Our culture has a new word picture when someone has spoken definitively about something they “drop the mic.” In these passages God definitely speaks with a definitive voice and in the end all are left speechless. In total God asks Job 70 rhetorical questions through chapters 38-41. Job’s only response is to put his hand over his mouth.

Job’s pain was great but God’s power was greater. Job’s questions were valid, but God’s authority and wisdom made them seem meaningless. In the end I love how the text book The Essence of The Old Testament: A Survey by Ed Hindson and Gary Yates puts in, “God does not explain the rationale or the reason behind Job’s suffering and He reveals no compulsion to justify His actions before Job. God reminds us, as He did Job that He is God and we are not.”

Later in the commentary they write, “Job remains a powerful example for all of us who struggle with the seemingly insurmountable questions of life, only to fall in faith, exasperated, into the arms of God.”

Wow, what a grand picture that sums up the book of Job. Exasperated, faithfully falling into our Master’s arms. Oh how He longs for us to stop asking all of the questions, look at who He is and what He has done through creation, the world around us, the history presented to us in the word and to realize This Same God loves us and is for us. We may never know the whys but we can know The Who. He is faithful and can be trusted even when we are hanging on by a thread.

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