It’s All In What You See

Recently one of our friends came to see the house. We have been a little discouraged because in the last 3 weeks there has not been a whole lot of work taking place on the house that is evident to the eye. When our friend had walked through the entire property she turned around and said, “When others see shepherd boy, God sees a King.” She was referring to that bible story of David who would become one of the greatest Kings in Israel’s history. Many people saw him as just a shepherd boy. He was not the biggest of his brothers, smartest, or even the most handsome. He was God’s pick!
Our friend said “I see how God is going to use this place in mighty ways.” I almost wanted to cry. We have been so near to the project daily that our hearts have at times been discouraged. We want it all completed and yet we know that time is the gift God has given us to see each part of the house done cost effectively and yet with excellence. Every step we can come away thanking God that He has revealed major problems that had been covered up. Had they not been discovered they could have cost thousands in years to come to replace. While the house is to the stud it is easier to see these problems and yet we are weary of finding yet another challenge.
Isn’t that how it is in our personal lives as well though. Deep underneath what we want people to see, God sees not just our imperfection and sinful hearts, but he also sees the potential for what we will one day be. Glory to God! He sees a person clean before Him because of His Son. One who walks with Him and knows and does His bidding, even if we are not quite there yet. Oh how my heart thrills to know that where others see me less than, God sees me as filled with potential and forgiven in His eyes.
Ask the Father today to help you see yourself as He sees you. Then walk in what you know God wants you to be. Others may see a less than, but He sees you as His child, precious to Him and highly favored!

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3 thoughts on “It’s All In What You See

  1. Love all of the spiritual applications you are sharing with us “in the meanwhile” since this project began! So grateful for the revelation of the hidden surprises that can be repaired now. No question your house will truly have a correct and firm foundation to go along with the firm foundation in Him you and Pastor Les established many, many years ago. Oh, what a beautiful place of ministry your home will be!!! Cannot wait!

  2. may I copy and post the last paragraph to FaceBook, giving credit to the author? Powerful words. Thank you. love the whole blog.

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