Surprises Along the Way

14595733_10154613060158077_1928024881527030668_nIn renovating the house there have been many surprises along the way. Some have been bad like the stone on the front having to be removed, but some have been very good. Yesterday as the electricians were wiring the house again they hooked power back up to the lights in the pool. We had no idea if the lights would work or if they too would be one more things that would need a repair. When the switch was flipped, Woo Hoo! We had light!!! We have celebrated and rejoiced.
Another of the big celebrations was the fence. We knew we wanted to fence the property so we could bring the horses home. Les priced the fencing and it was going to cost a small fortune to buy the materials for a three board fence. We prayed about having wisdom to know where to look. Les found a fence in a city and hour and a half away and talked with the man about selling us the fence he was taking down. We got it and a barn for much less than just the materials for the fence would be. Some men went and took the fence down then brought it to our land. Les hired a couple of amazing men and once again God surprised us with a beautiful fence that we will enjoy for years to come.
Some things we have had to learn in our journey is that God’s timing is always perfect. As we have waited and watched, God has 14910337_10154613061708077_8095449829743578835_ndelivered. If we had been in a hurry some of the great things would have been missed. His timing in people wanting to sell or even the right contractors to do work has been imperative.
Having eyes open to what is around you is has also been a game changer. Though we have a contractor who is subbing the 14606535_10154613061143077_4190211840958387283_nrenovations out, Les has been proactive in finding materials and things we need at a good price. We have laughed more than once that completing this house has been a team project. Isn’t that what God wants for us spiritually too? He puts us together as a team or a body to bring about His plans and design. When you work together everyone gets to share in the victories. We are ready for the party to begin!

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  1. You two are a perfect team in everything you do. How exciting to be as far as you are in redoing the house. I understand it has been a slow job but God is leading you in the right direction. I know He has wonderful plans for that home and the Godly leaders in it.

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