Genesis 38-40: Consistency is hard for anyone, but it is especially difficult when you feel you have been wronged. Joseph could have claimed being wrongly enslaved and even imprisoned as reasons to hate God or even turn against his faith.
Instead of running from God, he ran to Him. When Mrs. Potiphar tried to seduce him, his response was how could I sin against God? Even when the baker and cup bearer were needing dreams interpreted Joseph made it clear that God interprets dreams. By shining the light on God and his relationship with God Joseph reveals the key to his success. It is God.
You may find yourself in a mess not of your own making. It may be tempting to shake your fist at God and tell him it is His fault. You may even question the validity of believing in God. Don’t allow what Satan means for evil to make you miss what God is allowing so that He can develop in you qualities you will need for days to come.
Joseph had no idea what God had in store, but God did. He knew that in order for Joseph to be ready to lead he had to first learn character traits that come from serving time in hard places. Consistency in his walk with God prepared Joseph for the hard days. God was with Joseph in the hard and dark places. He never left Joseph even when Joseph became discouraged because things were not working out as Joseph planned. God had greater plans and in the end God’s plan would not just save Joseph or his family. It would save 2 entire nations from famine.
Be patient as God does His work in you. Be consistent in your relationship with Him. Great things could be just around the corner.